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Water Systems Repairs

Our service department provides service, repairs and filter changes in Southeast Michigan for all types of water treatment systems equipment, including all types of water softener and water conditioners. If we are unable to provide service on a particular brand of equipment, we will refer you to someone who can.

Water Softener/Water Conditioner Trade-ins

We offer some of the most generous trade-in deals of your water treatment systems equipment that you can find in the Metro-Detroit area. You can trade in your current water treatment system and we will give you a brand new one at a reduced cost. This saves you money and provides a clean water system. Call today to find out more information about trading in your current water treatment system.

Water Testing/Water Analysis

Let one of our certified water technicians perform a free water analysis on your water today. Our water technicians will bring a portable lab out to your home and educate you and your family about the quality of water you use every day. Our water test follows standards set by the EPA and The Water Quality Association. The water tests are fun and informative and should only take about an hour.

Diagnostics for visual, odor and taste impurities in Waters

Rotten egg smell? Rusty color? Impurities in your water? Chlorine in your water? Let us help design a water treatment system that addresses your specific needs. We design custom water treatment systems for all types of water supplies. Municipal water and well water have different problems and solutions. We use what we learn from our testing and provide the right solution for you.

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