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My Water Guy is a 31-year-old family-owned water conditioning and purification company in Washington, Michigan. Formerly known as Water Treatment Services, our goal is still to provide the best quality water treatment services and water treatment systems at competitive prices. Treating today’s water quality problems has become an art form in homes we go into. It is no longer just water softening. Many of the water problems we encounter cannot be solved by a water softener in place to rectify hard water. We provide a complete evaluation of your water problems so we can offer you the best solution.

We carry all of the latest in water treatment sytems technology from Salt-free solutions, to the ultra-efficient water treatment systems. We can also resolve high iron and sulfur issues. If your concern is for drinking water, we have many service solutions like reverse osmosis to address things like high TDS, salt water, arsenic, VOC’s, chlorine, and other aesthetic tastes and odors.

My Water Guy (Water Treatment Services, Inc.) has over one hundred years of combined experience in the business. Robert Ruhstorfer Sr. started working in 1966, in 1977 he partnered with his son Robert Ruhstorfer Jr. to start Water Treatment Services, Inc. Senior became very active with the Michigan Water Quality Association and is one of its past presidents. Robert Ruhstorfer Jr. went on to become president of WQA, a governing body of the water treatment industry. Ken Ruhstorfer, son of Robert Sr., started working for the company in 1977 while still in school, starting in salt delivery and working his way up from there. In 1990 he became a Certified Water Specialist through the WQA and later reached CWS level 5 the highest level at that time. He took over the business in 1989 and is still the current president.